Little Victory Wine Market was founded by husband and wife team, Jeremy Simpson and Kirsten Potenza. It was conceptualized with the idea in mind that small is better. That when we scrape away our modern lives, there is truly nothing better than time spent with family, friends and neighbors, alongside a thoughtful meal and the perfect glass of wine. 

The offerings at Little Victory focus on wines made naturally, from California and abroad. We carry wines made with minimal intervention from both the new and old world and focus our energy on emerging and exciting producers. We celebrate the winemakers who treat their grapes and vineyards with care, intermingling organic and biodynamic, regenerative, and other sustainable farming practices with thoughtful winemaking techniques such as the use of wild yeasts, little to no sulfur additions, and zero filtration. 

We offer a small selection of cured meats, cheeses, tinned fish and locally sourced products and homemade goods from chefs and artisans that we admire and appreciate. From tinned octopus and handmade jams to small production olive oils and California grown tomato sauces, we source products that will enhance your experience of dining, drinking, and enjoying life with those we love.

We want to tap into simplicity, to celebrate the time we spend together in the company of loved ones and revel in the days where we can count our little victories.

Jeremy is the former Beverage Director at Michelin starred Jeune et Jolie and lead the beverage programs of many notable restaurants in Los Angeles such as Bestia and Bar Calo. Kirsten, who designed the space and curated the market selections, is the CEO and founder of POUND Rockout Workout, a fitness and wellness company. Little Victory is truly a family owned and operated business, with Kirsten’s sister and brother in law, Korin and Nick, teaming up alongside Jeremy and Kirsten as business partners while David Potenza, the father of the Potenza sisters, handmade nearly everything in the shop at his studio in San Francisco.